Hard Bound Books/
Case Binding

Hard Bound Book Binding is known as Case Binding. It offers aesthetic and durability…the perfect choice for self publishing or commercial printers.

Custom Hard bound Book/Square back/PUR-glue text/Letterpress stamped front.

5We offer Square Back Spine Only and use PUR Perfect Binding for the book block.

Minimum text size:
" x 5” text block, we cut final text size to 4-3/4” x 4-3/4""

Maximum text size: 12" x 12” text block, we cut final text size to
11-3/4" x 11-3/4"

Case Cover Materials: 100# gloss text for wrap covers must be laminated with 1.5 lamination one side only (OPP film - gloss or matte).
Please Note:"No cold" lamination for covers. MUST be applied with "HOT seal " lamination. The cold lamination process sits on top of the sheet. Also, with the cold when we score, the film delaminates.The HOT process seals with the toner/fibers.  For more lamination information click here.

Book Cloths - such as buckram, linens, and bonded synthetic leathers require a deposit with order.

All hard bound bindings are custom estimates and orders.

Minimum Number of hard bound books: 5, (Five)

Lay flat Hard Bound Books - look here.

Our Hard Bound Book Process is summarized in the pictures below:

Hard bound books

Diagram for Case Bound Perfect Bound Book

Diagram for Case (Cover) size

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